Take your business to the next level

Gain access to the one-on-one help, a community of peers and supporters, tailored resources and comprehensive knowledge you need to scale your business.

ELLA Ascend is a 5-month accelerator program designed for women entrepreneurs to scale their business at a fast-tracked pace.

You are solving an inherent need in the marketplace and have proven traction. Now, gain the edge you need to take big strides forward.

What you’ll receive as a program participant in ELLA Ascend


ELLA gives you access to an inclusive community of women entrepreneurs who span across many backgrounds, industries, and specializations. It is a safe space where you will be surrounded by supportive peers and mentors as you learn, experiment and propel your business to the next level.

Seema Sanghavi, Founder & CEO of Cooks Who Feed and ELLA Ascend Alumnus:

“The struggles were similar, and it was easier to relate to a group of just women because you can allow yourself to be more vulnerable. ELLA helped me connect with a community and discuss all my challenges – in business, and as a mother. I think having this support system helped most of us get through COVID. You become less hard on yourself when you know others share your struggles. Any mom who is an entrepreneur will tell you – you don’t feel like you are putting in enough time at home, but the business is thriving, or the other way around. It is a balancing act. Having a sounding board was invaluable.”


  • One-on-One Mentors

    Your business is unique. In ELLA Ascend, you’ll be matched to an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (experienced entrepreneur in a mentor role) with the know-how to guide you in the right direction. Bi-weekly meetings ensure you are making progress in meeting your own specific goals.

  • Progress Check-ins

    To ensure you are getting all you need out of the Ascend program, you’ll have a monthly meeting with ELLA’s Entrepreneurship Manager. This is a chance to discuss your progress one-on-one and seek any additional resources that will help you succeed.

  • Founder Circles

    In ELLA Ascend, you will join a small group of peers in bi-weekly meetings to discuss current challenges and possible paths to success. You’re never alone as you lean on and learn from fellow women entrepreneurs to grow your businesses together.

    Chantal Carter, Founder & CEO of Love & Nudes and ELLA Ascend Alumnus:

    “Being part of ELLA got me out of my own head. You think the same tired crap that doesn’t make sense – and sometimes you just need to talk it out, and there is someone else in the group with amazing ideas.”

  • Hands-on Workshops

    Workshops will cover topics necessary to complete program deliverables and will be conducted by experts in their field. Learn the practical skills and tactics to fast forward your success.

  • Subject Matter Experts

    Need in-depth information on how to overcome a particular challenge? Get connected for an individualized conversation with one of our many Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Our growing list of SMEs covers a range of 70+ essential topics including business strategy, growth hacking and more.


Through workshops, founder circles, and the insight from one-on-one mentorship, complete the ELLA Ascend program with a refined business strategy and optimized service or product design to gain strides in the market.

  • Business Strategy

    Understand and articulate your business strategy by creating a refined Business Model Canvas. This includes defining your unique value proposition, key customer segments, relationships, cost structure and more.

  • Optimizing Design

    Optimize the design and delivery of your product or service. Outline your problem-solution fit, establish your service blueprint or user journey map, refine your marketing and sales strategy and revise all the elements needed to enhance your business operations and growth.


Gain access to curated networking opportunities with a vast portfolio of professionals. Grow your network of contacts for present and future needs so you always have somewhere to turn for reliable answers. Connect with peers to form invaluable partnerships and broaden your scope of resources for years to come.

You are eligible to apply for ELLA Ascend if:

  • You are a woman entrepreneur with at least 50% ownership of an incorporated business or a registered non-profit or social enterprise, and you are working full-time on your venture
  • You have an annual revenue of $50,000 minimum with paying customers
  • Your business is located in the Greater Toronto Area and Southwestern Ontario
  • You are open to change, looking to step out of your comfort zone and are willing to give back to the ELLA Community with your own strengths and insight
  • You can commit fully to the requirements of a 5-month accelerator program


  • Women with limited financial resources
  • Women of different racial or ethnic backgrounds
  • Women of diverse sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Differently-abled and/or neuro-diverse women
  • New immigrants and first-generation Canadians
  • Underrepresented age groups in the entrepreneurial ecosystem



Applications Closed on January 24, 2021


ELLA Ascend Orientation & Launch March 4, 2021

ELLA Ascend Completion July 30, 2021

If you’re at a more advanced level and ready to take your business to the world stage with national and international expansion, visit ELLA ALTITUDE to learn how we can help you develop your step-by-step growth plan.